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Control Your Power
Evolution Controller
принцип работы Evolution Controller
информационные индикаторы Evolution Controller
  • Covered/recessed fuse holder
  • USB port for programming updates to be done in the field vs. controller replacements
  • Future use is being evaluated for technician lap top connection
панель управления
  • Membrane pad buttons, elimination of the rocker switch.
  • Back lit, color matched LED to indicate status.
  • Internationally recognized symbols as well as text for expanding geographies.
Electrical Connections
Generac Electrical Connections

Holes for the 5-pole terminal block have been moved back so that customers have enough room to install wires.

*We are planning on having the 2 terminal blocks installed on the harnesses overseas with ferrules.

Current connection shelf
Alternator Improved brush access

Improved brush access and longevity due to improved material.

Brush springs no longer have to fight gravity.

Fuel System - New 2x System
новая система подачи топлива
  • Die Cast metal throttle body ensures the highest durability and performance.
  • Also ensures minimal manufacturing variation for top performance all the time.
  • Easy snap latch on all units for air cleaner cover removal for element replacement.
  • Direct coupled isochronous governor control for tighter governor control and response, eliminates linkage and potential binding to increase reliability.
  • New stepper motor utilizes steel internal gears for increased durability.
  • Greatly improves starting in all ambient conditions through increased vacuum upon start up by utilizing the primary intake at lower loads and opening a secondary intake for larger loads.
  • Eliminates the need for a choke.
  • Balances QuietTest for even smoother operation.
  • Optimizes air intake flow and cooling.
  • Common mixer body for technician familiarity.

Axial Limiter prevents excessive movement right and left during installation and shipment to ensure proper fan spacing.

Improved battery installation and removal access on large v-twin products.

  • Added breaker and live conductor cover to increase installer, technician and consumer protection from inadvertent shock.
  • Raised fish eye to eliminate padlock interference.
  • Added roof lip to improve water intrusion and improve LED viewing in sunlight.
  • Eliminated clips in favor of fasteners for easier removal upon installation if necessary.
  • Improved locking capability.
  • Improved gasket geometry.
  • No longer requires pressure to turn the key.

Improved hinge design allows for easy roof removal for easier service access.

Improved fit and finish on enclosure panels by improving tooling, eliminated any bump irregularity.



Innovative single coil, 50 amp contact design allows for 10 & 12 circuit pre-wired switches to be flush mount.

Increase 14 to 12 gauge wire on the 15 amp breakers in case it is necessary to swap them out for 20 amp breakers.

Change mounting hole location to eliminate difficult bolt installation due to 30' whip connection point.

The control wiring decals will be color coded so that both the decals in the generator and the switches will be the same to reduce miss wiring.

  • For service rated and non-service rated switches the hole spacing have been moved further in to avoid drill interference during installation.
  • The spacing is also now a more easily measurable number for pre-drilling.
  • The holes in the rear of the enclosure have been changed to a keyhole style to accommodate an easier installation.

Additional knock out in the rear of the 200 amp SE switches for more flexible installation.

Change from the copper grounding bar to a dual rated (copper and aluminum conductors) aluminum block that will accept up to a 2 gauge aluminum wire.

Go from a 4 position to 5 position neutral bar that will be able to accept up to 2 gauge aluminum wire and meet certain code interpretations.

Eliminate terminal strip in favor of Waygo blocks to eliminate the need for lugging or adding terminal connections.

24V Power Management
  • The load management system changed from 120V control wires to 24V.
  • 2X faster than the existing version.
  • Much more cost effective and easier to install.
  • HVAC load control still standard, if additional loads are required a started kit is required .
  • The starter kit includes an easily installed transformer and the first module.
Remote Monitoring
система удалённого мониторинга
  • Cellular enabled remote monitoring.
  • Consumer will have portal to enter in order to view and change generator parameters.
Cold Weather Kit Engine
комплекты для сервисного обслуживания
  • New style cold weather kit makes one size fit all models including CorePower.
  • Eliminates adhesive pad in favor of the cuzzy style which is much easier to install and provides better heating density for cold starting.
  • The pad warmer will not change.